All You Need to Know About Alexander Shunnarah and Net Worth

Alexander Shunnarah

Alexander Shunnarah is a personal injury lawyer who hails from Alabama in the United States of America. He is also the founder, president and CEO of Alexander Shunnarah Injury Lawyers.

Early Life and Education

He was born Birmingham and he had his high school education at John Carroll Catholic High School. Mr Shunnarah attended Samford University after which he later attended the University of Alabama where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in political science and sociology in 1991. Alexander Shunnarah received a degree in law from the Birmingham School of Law.


He proceeded to establish his own law firm in 2001 after receiving his law degree. Mr. Shunnarah started out with a legal assistant. He also carried out his marketing by giving out cards to his family and friends. He also distributed cards to his Church members. Shunnarah’s firm had its headquarters at Birmingham and by the year 2014 he had extended it to North Alabama. By 2016, he opened a new headquarters in Birmingham where he employed 60 attorneys.

Net Worth

Mr Shunnarah has a net worth of about $150 million.


Name Alexander Shunnarah
Born Birmingham
Gender Male
Profession Injury Lawyer
Net Worth About $150 Million


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