Bishop Vance Oldes Biography, Family, Career and Net Worth

A photo of Bishop Vance Oldes

Bishop Vance Oldes is an 57 year old American Author and preacher. He uploads videos about religion to YouTube and other platforms as part of what he does for a living.

He is well-known among TikTokers. He gives speeches to inspire people. The Liberty House Ministry was established by him.

Bishop Vance Oldes is his given name. His birthday is September 15, 1965. He was born in the nation’s capital. He is a citizen of the United States. He is 61 kg in weight and is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. He’s 57 years old right now.

His zodiac sign is Virgo. He has a loud, agitated tone to his voice. Preaching-wise, he is quite well-known. It’s incredible to see how much he enjoys preaching. He is a member of the Preacher clan.

The Christian Beginnings of Bishop Vance Oldes

He committed himself to the Christian faith. He embraced Christian faith. He made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ in 1975, when he was just ten years old. He became a Christian, but also became interested in narcotics and criminal activity. At long last, God spoke to his spirit, and he began to turn around.

In 1994, he began his preaching career. He was ordained by the Church in 1998. He uses music as a means of fervently praising God. As a guest, he is also appearing on television programs.

His Education 

At the young age of 22, he enrolled at Bob Jones University with the intention of eventually becoming a priest. For 14 years, he served as a priest. He served as a minister at Orlando’s First Baptist Church. His devotees have nothing but adoration and awe for him.

He became well-known for his preaching. He was praised for his excellent sermons. He is a pioneer in the modern era. By the end of 1988, he had been named president of the Florida Baptist Convention. This position made him the go-to Baptist authority in the state, and he quickly rose to prominence.

Net Worth of Bishop Oldes

Bishop Vance Oldes’s net worth is estimated to be about $5.4 million in 2023, a net increase from last year. His wealth is as a  result of numerous lucrative endeavors. He’s a man of many skills. He is a famous writer or producer. He also makes a lot of money and is very popular on social media. He participates in mentorship, social media activities, preaching which all come together to grace his wealth.

He’s a popular TikToker who enjoys a large fan base. His TikTok channel is another source of income.

Bishop Oldes’s Family

The Bishop is married to an Inspiring wife called Nicole Oldes and a daughter Lundyne Oldes. Bishop Oldes and his wife got married on June 25, 2005. Nicole Oldes is currently 57 years of age and she used to work as a nurse. However, she is currently works on the board of directors of Liberty House Bed Space Funds.

Bishop Vance Oldes and wife Nicole OldesFamily of Bishop Oldes

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Tiktok and Instagram 

Bishop Oldes currently has 1.4 million followers and 14.8 million likes in the TikTok social app where he shared the word of God.

Fans and admirers who would like to check him out can do so here

He also has about 650k followers on Instagram. Check his Instagram profile here.



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