Declaration of Friday, December 2, as a Public Holiday

public holiday in Ghana

The general public is notified to take note of Friday, December 2, 2022 due to it’s declaration as a Statutory Public Holiday in Ghana.

2nd December happens to be a Holiday because the day it marks Farmers Day in Ghana. 

This Public Holiday is declared in accordance with section 2 of the Public Holidays and Commemorative Days Act, 2001 (601) by the President of the Republic of Ghana by an Executive Instrument (EI).

Those details were announced to the public in a press release (Declaration) issued by Ambrose Dery, the Minister for the Interior.

The day in question is officially recognized as a day off for workers as it is marked a holiday. Also, that day is the very day Ghana will face off with World Cup rivals Uruguay to settle the odds for who will qualify for the group stages.
Since the declaration of the public holiday, many people on social have expressed that indeed it is a day to relax and enjoy on December 2 as it makes the weekend a long one.

What you should know about the Ministry of th Interior 

Their Vision

“A world-class Ministry with well-defined operational internal security systems”.


The MINTER exists to ensure internal security, a stable and peaceful environment for sustainable national development through the initiation, formulation, monitoring, and evaluation of policies, regulations, and programs relating to the protection of life and property; disaster prevention and mitigation; immigration, crime control, prevention, and detection; safe custody, reformation, and rehabilitation of prisoners.


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