Lilwin warns Asantewaa and female Tiktokers To be humble

Lilwin sends warning to Asantewaa and Female Tiktokers

Ghanaian Comic Actor, Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin has sternly warned Asantewaa and other female Tiktokers To be humble in their daily activities for they are not really stars.

The use of TikTok and breaking through as a prominent figure has become the new trend in Ghana, as many have used the app to gain fame and to generate income.

There are a few of Ghanaians who have gained massive fame and influence as Tiktokers. Asantewaa, Felicia Osei, Jackeline Mensah, Ekuah Offical, Wesley Kese, Say Logan, Wekia Portia, Gilby, and many others are prominent Tiktokers in Ghana.

The comedic actor Lilwin has criticized Tiktokers, particularly the female TikTok stars, urging them to be modest because TikTok would soon disappear, along with their “fame.”

Lilwin took his latest shots, saying that the app that has helped many gain fame in recent times could be temporary. According to the actor, many apps have come and gone. Nothing is forever.

To this, they should not take pride to a place where they get their daily bread because that is where they eat.

Lilwin stated among others to warn and advise the tiktokers that “I advise my sisters (female Tiktokers) to humble themselves because without the app, pardon me, you don’t have anything. And two, you are not a star.”

Few moments ago, it is believed that Tiktoker Asantewaa infuriated lots of people, especially stars in the entertainment industry by saying without Tiktokers, their music and brand can’t grow.

After the statement from Asantewaa, other Tiktokers also showed certain acts in public that made people feel they are being arrogant, hence, a recent warning and advice from Lilwin to female Tiktokers to be humble.


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