Nana Agradaa shows semi nudes on social media

A picture of Nana Agradaa

A video featuring ex-fetish priestess Nana Agradaa, who says she has since converted, has recently gone viral. Former fetish priest turned Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng has sparked much discussion amongst Ghanaians and believers online.

Heaven Way International Ministries’ leader and creator was caught on camera twerking in a red bra and making a passionate Valentine’s Day declaration of love to her partner.

Media users generally agreed that what the evangelist did was unbecoming of a self-proclaimed “born again” Christian.

Many on the internet say she is using attention-grabbing stunts to try to go back to where she once was in the spotlight.

The former fetish priestess suffered in the hands of the public as she was arrested few months ago for allegedly defrauding her church members among others.

Anout Nana Agradaa

Evangelist Patricia Asiedu, formerly known as Nana Agradaa, was a fetish priestess and spiritualist before she converted to Christianity. She used sika gari, or televised requests for donations in exchange for promises of wealth multiplication, to amass a fortune.

After her release from the police custody, Nana Agradaa has now decided to show Ghanaians some taste in her body on Valentines Day.


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