Who is Grand M? Biography, Net Worth, Relationship and Career

Mohammed Nantoume (Grand M)

Mohammed Nantoume, better known by his stage name Grand M, is a well-known Malian comedian and musician. He was born on December 15, 2000. He became famous because of the genuine hilarity of his facial expressions and laughter, which made many viewers burst into fits of uncontrollable guffaws.

When a friend of his posted a video of him laughing, he quickly became an internet phenomenon. Countless memes and comedic films imitated Grand M’s contagious chuckle. His buddies made fun of his height by calling him “Grand”; he added “M” because he is a Lionel Messi enthusiast; and that was his stage moniker. According to his former football teammates, they respectfully referred to him as “Grand M” because he was the eldest of the group.

How Old is Grand M?

Mohammed Nantoume is currently 22 and will be 23 years in 2023 as 15th of December, 2000 saw the birth of the comedian.

Current Relationship

Grand M is committed to her current partner. Although he has been sighted with the woman he is apparently seeing, we know little nothing about her.


Mohammed Nantoume is currently a well known comedian internationally. Initially, because of his disability, Mohammed was often the target of jokes. He made the choice to make the most of it. He dabbled in the comedy circuit, which propelled him into the public eye.

Grand M Net Worth 

Grand M’s true wealth remains unknown. However, he is said to be worth at least $500,000.


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